What is CloudCredit

CloudCredit is a financial services IT technology company. We offer development of lending platform that delivers innovation and fully automated system to the global lending market. We offer payday loans, short term instalment loans, long term instalment loans, consumer loans, committed credit line, mortage loans, auto loans, balance sheet loans, broker models, P2P lending. Our […]
11. August 2017 | 102 Comments

CloudCredit.net at MoneyConf 2017

MoneyConf comes to you from the people behind Web Summit, the world’s fastest growing technology event. We had an opportunity to participate in this event and meet a lot of great people. In this post you will find some photos we took there and general information regarding the event itself. Brexit is transforming Dublin as […]
07. July 2017 | 9 Comments

FutureTech 2017 and CloudCredit

The event happaned on 24-25 May 2017 The purpose for which FutureTech Congress came about was to create a neutral platform for sharing ideas and experiences of firms and institutions that have an impact on the way the sectors grow. The broad spectrum of case studies will not only make it possible to get to […]
15. June 2017 | 14 Comments